The Zongo school, located in Zongo, Ghana, educates 264 pupils and employs 11 teachers.
The Good Roll foundation built 2 toilets with faucets to use for the students and teachers, whereas they previously had no sanitary facilities at all. For female students, having no sanitary facilities can mean that they won't go to school when they're on their period, which stands in the way of their education. Providing them with these necessities gives them more equal opportunities.
Female students: 125
Male students: 139
Female teachers: 4
Male teachers: 7
Total people: 275
Toilets: 2
Handwashing facilities: 2

With your help, we've made serious impact

In order to have the greatest overall impact on the greatest number of people, The Good Roll Foundation focuses on building sanitation facilities in three specific demographic areas: schools, slums, and villages.

Our facilities are well-designed and well-tested, and vary based on the community needs of each specific location.
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