The process

The Good Toilet: when your impact is bigger than saving trees!

We all have those precious moments: where you finally have some quiet time for yourself, behind a locked bathroom door. You have taken a comfortable seat on the - now, a bit warmed up - toilet seat.

While you perform the act, you take some time to browse through an old newspaper, read the horoscope in a cheesy magazine, or you might even be reading this blog. After fifteen minutes of relaxation and relief, you grab a piece of recycled Good Roll-toilet paper to wipe everything clean. Good job! No trees have been chopped for this wipe. But did you know that the money you paid to buy that sustainable roll of toilet paper ends up in places far beyond what you have imagined?

Did you know that the Euros you spent have traveled all the way to West Africa and ended up in new toilet buildings, biogas and fertilizer, clean drinking water and even sanitary pads for schoolgirls? No? Let’s travel along with those money notes and see for yourself!

  • Step 1

    Do our research and see how and where we can make a change.
  • Step 2

    Make a plan and start building.
  • Step 3

    Ensure that we maintain the new facilities properly ofcourse!
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