Our mission

We want to develop various toilet designs and business models based off of the current and anticipated needs of communities in developing nations, with a current focus on Ghana and a plan to expand within Africa and into Asia. Through development and construction of the sanitation facilities, The Good Roll Foundation aims to follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals to sustainably improve the lives of as many people as possible while addressing several vital issues, such as food insecurity and disease eradication, promoting sexual reproductive health and basic education, and creating as many local job opportunities as possible.
We believe that sanitation, human decency, and a good life come above everything. This is why we are dedicated to working in partnership to create the best toilet, and then share this information with as many people and organizations as possible; collaboration is the only way we can all achieve our common goals and improve the lives of people across the globe.

With your help, we've made serious impact

In order to have the greatest overall impact on the greatest number of people, The Good Roll Foundation focuses on building sanitation facilities in three specific demographic areas: schools, slums, and villages.

Our facilities are well-designed and well-tested, and vary based on the community needs of each specific location.
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Our partners

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